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Apr ’16


April 8, 2016

New York | BSR Connect

Improving Supply Chain Climate Performance: Using Data to Design Effective Management Approaches

BSR is hosting a breakfast to discuss the largest-ever study of climate data from suppliers and corporate customers, and how the findings can help companies improve climate performance in supply chains.

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Dec ’15


December 4, 2015

New York | BSR Connect

The Sustainable Development Goals and the Private Sector: What Now?

BSR will host a breakfast workshop for an open conversation among BSR member companies on the implications, challenges, and opportunities of the SDGs.

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Oct ’15


October 30, 2015

Hong Kong | BSR Connect

A Dialogue on Business Leadership for an Inclusive Economy

Please join us for an afternoon dialogue in Hong Kong to explore how the private sector can help build a more inclusive economy through good jobs, access to essential goods and services, and investments for prosperous communities.

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Oct ’15


October 20, 2015

Paris | BSR Connect

The Private Sector and Climate Resilience: What Are the Levers?

This breakfast event, held in French, will discuss the role of the private sector in addressing climate change, including how to trigger innovation, vision, and leadership.

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Oct ’15


October 15, 2015

Pittsburgh, PA | BSR Connect

A BSR-BNY Mellon Lunch: Opportunities for Peer-to-Peer Sustainability Collaboration

BSR and BNY Mellon will host a lunch in Pittsburgh that will explore opportunities to collaborate on sustainability issues.

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Sep ’15


September 24, 2015

Paris | BSR Connect

Circular Economy in Practice: Producing and Consuming Differently

In partnership with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, BSR is organizing a French-language breakfast on the circular economy.

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Sep ’15


September 11, 2015

New York | BSR Connect

The Global/Local Connection: A BSR Breakfast Event

BSR will discuss how to integrate global and local sustainability issues into corporate strategy with its member network.

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Sep ’15


September 10, 2015

Minneapolis, MN | BSR Connect

Sustainability Issue Management: A BSR and Best Buy Breakfast Event

Join BSR and Best Buy for a breakfast event on effective management of sustainability issues as they are raised by stakeholders.

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Aug ’15


August 18, 2015

Beijing | BSR Connect

Overlooked Pollutants and High-Emitting Sectors

Please join BSR for an event in Beijing that will examine how business can address non-carbon contributors to climate change, know as short-lived climate pollutants.

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Jul ’15


July 28, 2015

Tokyo | BSR Connect

Responsible Business in Myanmar: Lessons for Japanese Companies on Risks and Opportunities

Join us for a BSR Connect event in Tokyo to help Japanese companies understand and manage risks, and identify opportunities for responsible business in Myanmar.

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