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High-impact collective action to address global challenges

BSR has more than 30 years of experience in designing and growing business-led collaborations that successfully create system change in pursuit of a more just and sustainable world.

Our global network of member companies, collaborative initiatives, and grant-funded partnerships ensure that no organization must go it alone in addressing emerging and systemic sustainability challenges.

We focus on ideating, designing, and facilitating initiatives that inspire companies and their stakeholders to engage in collective action, aiming for the changes the world needs to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and build resilience in communities that are vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

BSR’s portfolio of over 20 collaborations brings together more than 400 companies, spanning multiple sectors and geographies, to strengthen company performance, coordinate collective action across value chains, and contribute to systemic change towards achieving a world in which all people thrive on a healthy planet.


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How We Can Help

Collaborating for Sustainable Development

BSR invites a wide range of stakeholders to partner with us for sustainable development, including companies, grantmakers, advisors, and partners, including external collaborations and alliances. Apply to join one of our current collaborations or raise ideas on collaborative actions your organization would like to participate in developing.

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BSR members and other companies are invited to participate in a wide range of collaborations where you can work with other committed stakeholders to implement impactful solutions to global challenges.

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Grantmakers are invited to contact BSR to explore how our collaborative initiatives align with your own strategic priorities and impact goals, and to investigate how financial support can spark high-impact collaborative movements in partnership with the private sector.

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Advisors and Partners

Advisors and Partners offer critical perspectives, insights, and expertise to ensure that our collaborations advance systemic solutions to global challenges. Please contact BSR if you wish to learn more about our collaborative initiatives and how you might engage.

Our Approach

BSR believes that thoughtful design is critical to achieving high-impact collaboration. We develop all new collaborative concepts through BSR’s Collaboration IDEAS process, which brings companies together with their stakeholders to ideate, design, and explore collaborative concepts, before accelerating and scaling high impact solutions. Our approach enables us to collectively test, iterate, and prioritize, and to develop a clear roadmap for participants to implement impactful solutions to global challenges.

BSR’s Collaborations thrive on a strong foundation of support from BSR, including premium access to the our issue area and industry expertise in addition to facilitation, administrative, fundraising, and other support services.

Ideas process: ideate, design, explore, accelerate, scale
Featured Collaborative Initiative

Tech Against Trafficking

Leading companies deploying innovative technology to help eradicate human trafficking

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Our Experts

Depth of Experience and Knowledge

Our Collaboration team consists of global experts across multiple focus areas, bringing a depth of experience and knowledge to designing, operating, and facilitating high impact collaborative initiatives.

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Nicolas Ronderos

Associate Director, Collaboration


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Cameron Steagall

Manager, Collaboration

New York

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Alexandra Kolev

Associate, Collaboration


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Charlene Collison

Director, Collaboration


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Marion Fischer

Coordinator, Collaborative Initiatives


Let’s talk about how BSR can help you achieve your sustainability goals through collaboration.

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