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Human Rights

Respecting and promoting the rights of all people

Around the world, shocks including COVID-19, war and conflict in Ukraine and Iran, political polarization and unrest, and increased impacts of climate change are placing vulnerable populations at increased risk of suffering human rights abuses.

At the same time, a rapidly changing regulatory landscape, shifting investor expectations, and momentum towards mandatory human rights due diligence means business is increasingly expected to play a role in ensuring the human rights of all people throughout the value chain are respected. We are business and human rights experts who understand how to incorporate the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights into business strategies and operations. Effective management of human rights issues requires internal policy coherence, ongoing due diligence of priority human rights issues, meaningful stakeholder engagement, and provision of remedy for adverse impacts.


BSR has conducted 200+ human rights assessments and implementation plans.


50 million people globally are trapped in modern slavery.


87 percent of consumers say that data privacy is a human right.

How We Can Help

Adding Value to Your Business and Society

We are pragmatic and forward-looking, meeting companies where they are on their human rights journey and tailoring our recommendations to the specific needs of each industry and the complexities of local contexts. We help companies understand and navigate the increasingly complex and fragmented global human rights landscape, prepare to comply with emerging legislation, and partner across their value chains to collaboratively manage human rights issues and address the systemic causes of human rights abuses.

We’ll help your business act on these principles while adding value for your business. Our service offerings include:


Human rights policies and governance icon

Human rights policies and governance

Human rights assessments icon

Human rights assessments

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Strategy and implementation

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Human rights disclosure and stakeholder engagement

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Access to remedy and effective grievance mechanisms

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Human rights training and capacity building

Who We Work With

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Case Studies

Updating Scotiabank’s Human Rights Strategy

BSR worked with the Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotiabank) to refresh its Human Rights Assessment (HRA) and update its Human Rights Statement.

Read More

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Tools and Resources

Human Rights Resources

Our sample collection of BSR member-exclusive resources, including implementation toolkits, deep-dive topic briefings and reports, and other valuable content from our global team of sustainability experts.
Human Rights Governance Structures
Modern Slavery Legislative Overview
Human Rights Grievance Mechanism Gap Assessment Tool
AI and Human Rights for the Financial Services Sector
See all Tools and Resources

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Collective Solutions for Meaningful Impact

Our collaborative initiatives enable companies to transform their businesses while creating shared solutions to global challenges and make a meaningful systemic impact.

Our Experts

Depth of Experience and Knowledge

Our Human Rights team consists of global experts across multiple industries, bringing a depth of experience in developing sustainable business strategies and solutions.

Jenny Vaughan portrait

Jenny Vaughan

Managing Director, Human Rights

San Francisco

Salah Husseini portrait

Salah Husseini

Director, Human Rights


Ouida Chichester portrait

Ouida Chichester

Director, Energy, Extractives, Transport, and Industrials

San Francisco

Rosa Kusbiantoro portrait

Rosa Kusbiantoro

Director, Transformation


Richard Wingfield portrait

Richard Wingfield

Director, Technology Sectors


Paloma Muñoz Quick portrait

Paloma Muñoz Quick

Director, Human Rights Standards

New York

Hannah Darnton portrait

Hannah Darnton

Director, Technology and Human Rights

San Francisco

Aude Ucla portrait

Aude Ucla

Associate Director, Consumer Sectors


Roberta Pinamonti portrait

Roberta Pinamonti

Associate Director


Roger McElrath portrait

Roger McElrath

Associate Director, Human Rights

San Francisco

Claudio Formisano portrait

Claudio Formisano

Associate Director, Human Rights


Lindsey Andersen portrait

Lindsey Andersen

Associate Director, Human Rights

San Francisco

Lale Tekişalp portrait

Lale Tekişalp

Associate Director, Technology Sectors

San Francisco

Francesca Manta portrait

Francesca Manta

Director, Membership and Human Rights

New York

Kayla Winarsky McKenzie portrait

Kayla Winarsky McKenzie

Associate Director, Human Rights

New York

Let’s talk about how BSR can help you to transform your business and achieve your sustainability goals.

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