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Responsible Luxury Initiative

Advancing ethical, social, environmental, and human rights practices throughout all luxury industry value chains


Our Mission

Provide a platform for luxury sector companies and stakeholders to identify, understand, and prioritize solutions for emerging sustainability issues in their value chains.

Our Accomplishments

  • We developed and adopted a set of high-level principles for the sourcing of leather, fur and exotic skins.
  • We helped the luxury sector develop a comprehensive sustainability risk map for various reptiles and bovine animals.
  • We analyzed different solutions to reduce leather waste along the luxury value chain.

Why Join?

  • Benefit from research on social and environmental impacts related to sourcing for luxury products
  • Connect with stakeholders on supply chain sustainability issues and explore collaborative solutions
  • Collaborate with peers to design industry solutions to common challenge

Responsible Luxury Initiative Companies

  • Cartier
  • Harvey Nichols Group Limited
  • Kering
  • LVMH
  • Mulberry Company (Design) Ltd
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Richemont
  • Tiffany & Co.

Our Insights

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Meet the Team

Elisa Niemtzow

Elisa Niemtzow

Managing Director



Armel Yver

Armel Yver

Associate Director


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