April 2022

Emerging Issues at the Nexus of Business and Sustainability

The latest edition of The Fast Forward explores the implications of climate migration for business, the route to carbon neutrality in the aviation sector, and how a move away from dirty assets can support a just transition to clean energy.

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Preparing for Rising Climate Migration

Climate change is driving migration and exacerbating other problems that cause people to leave their homes, such as food insecurity and conflict. How can business prepare for growing instability in supply chains and operations as climate migration intensifies?

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Sustainable Aviation Fuels Take Flight

Countries and regulators are ramping up decarbonization targets, putting pressure on the aviation industry to reduce its environmental impact. To reach the goal of net zero by 2050, a transition to Sustainable Aviation Fuel is the most promising decarbonization pathway. But production will have to ramp up significantly to meet targets.

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Exit Strategies for Dirty Assets

Companies are under increasing pressure to move away from carbon-intensive assets. But cleaning up carbon balance sheets by selling assets is not necessarily the solution. How can business lay the groundwork for the ultimate retirement of dirty assets while supporting a just transition to clean energy?

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The Fast

BSR Sustainable Futures Lab

The Fast Forward, a quarterly publication produced by the BSR Sustainable Futures Lab, explores emerging issues at the nexus of business and sustainability. Each edition will focus on nascent trends that are likely to disrupt the operating context of the future and that will require a robust and forward-looking sustainability strategy to navigate.

About BSR Sustainable Futures Lab

BSR’s Sustainable Futures Lab helps businesses navigate an increasingly turbulent world by creating more resilient and sustainable strategies. The Sustainable Futures Lab was created to enable foresight-driven engagement with disruptive change in order to help businesses spot emerging issues early, explore different possible futures, and develop more resilient and sustainable strategies.

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