Membership FAQs

About Us

We are a global network of more than 300 member companies, from a range of industry sectors. A full list is available at

To protect member companies' privacy and comply with global regulations, BSR does not share or rent its mailing list with third-party organizations.

Please visit our events page for a list of upcoming workshops, webinars, and networking opportunities

Becoming a Member

We maintain an open membership policy. Companies showing a commitment to improving their practices and impacts are eligible to become BSR members.

Our approach is based on a belief that engagement is the best way to improve both the impact of individual companies and the collective impact of the private sector overall.  We have established 16 Project Principles to put our mission into action and guide our work with companies, the insights we deliver, and the recommendations that we make.

At the same time, we also recognize that specific companies and industry sectors may present significant questions related to the compatibility of their core business and activities with BSR’s objectives and organizational purpose, as well as our goal of enabling the improvement of practices, which serves as the foundation of our approach to membership. In such cases, we will consider whether and how we work with companies, including whether it is appropriate for them to join BSR.

BSR membership is open to companies and organizations only.

Membership may be initiated at any time.

We ask that all members read and adhere to our membership Policies and Benefits, created to protect our members' privacy, the value of membership, and the intellectual property of BSR.

BSR encourages its members to use their membership benefits through engagement with our staff of experts, participation in projects or collaborative initiatives, attendance at BSR events, and participation in other BSR activities. We have found that members receive greater benefits by engaging actively, and we also encourage companies to involve multiple representatives, across functions and geographies.

We do not endorse or certify companies. We believe that it would be a conflict of interest to certify companies when we have a member relationship with them and often consult for them as well. In addition, we believe that the sustainability agenda is so dynamic that the criteria for certification will—and should—change over time, making it difficult to determine where to “set the bar” for certification. Finally, we believe we can add greater value by focusing on how to improve sustainability performance across the board for business rather than measuring performance.

Membership fees are based on a company's gross annual revenues or an organization’s annual operating budget. Please refer to this chart of our annual membership dues.

Annual dues cover 12 months from the date of membership and renew annually in the month your company joined.

While BSR is a 501(c)(3) public benefit nonprofit organization, members receive services and benefits in return for their annual membership dues. Therefore, membership dues are not a charitable contribution.

BSR accepts payment by ACH or wire transfers, checks, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express) but a transaction fee will be applied. Email for wire transfer details. Membership dues are non-refundable.

Payment is only accepted in the currency of the membership dues stated in the membership agreement (normally U.S. dollars).

Associate membership is available to companies with annual gross revenues of less than US$1 billion and non-company organizations (e.g., NGOs, nonprofits, and academic institutions). Please refer to the member benefits comparison matrix page to compare Corporate and Associate membership benefits.

Once You’re a Member

Members may choose one of a suite of engagement options as part of their membership benefits, either a consulting credit or discrete topical support, including small projects and participation in a collaborative initiative. Please refer to the engagement options overview for details.

Access to and participation in BSR’s collaborative initiatives is a core benefit of BSR membership. Please refer to the collaborative initiatives engagement options overview for details.

Member companies can obtain permission to use BSR's name, logo, and statement of membership by contacting Member Services at

Members are free to place BSR's logo, a statement of membership, and/or a link to the BSR site ( on their website. Members may also use BSR's name and logo on other promotional materials, with approval from Member Services. The use of BSR's name and logo is proprietary and protected by federal law. Membership and use of BSR's name and logo cannot be used as a statement of endorsement.

The BSR Insight is for BSR members only and can only be shared/forwarded to member organization personnel. If you know someone who would be interested in the BSR Insight or in receiving more information about BSR, please contact us at and we would be happy to send out membership information.

You can find a list of upcoming Sustainability Matters webinars and access recordings of past webinars on our webinar page. Note that a Member Center log-in is required.

BSR member company contacts can email the job description to It will be posted on our sustainability jobs page.