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Achieving a more sustainable, inclusive media and entertainment industry

The media and entertainment industry, often associated with outspoken champions for the climate and diversity, has a powerful platform for influencing and generating support for more just and sustainable policies and business practices.

At the same time, the industry has its own sustainability challenges surrounding the impacts of its projects and the influence of its content on issues including human rights, climate, justice, and equity.

Increasingly, for example, entertainment companies must grapple with complex questions surrounding the tension between storytelling and content that promotes or sensationalizes human rights abuses like torture. They also are increasingly looking to use their influence by developing content that can amplify movements for positive change in the world. And finally, interest and demand for media companies to ensure fair and diverse representation in their productions is at an all-time high.


According to albert, a sustainability project of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), a single hour of television produces 13 metric tons of carbon dioxide—which would potentially account for the loss of 780,000 square meters of sea ice per year.


A 2006 UCLA study found that a single soundstage constructed from luaun plywood can be responsible for destroying as much as 4,000 hectares of rainforest.


Nearly one-third of content on cable in the US doesn’t have parity representation of people of color, women, or the LGBTIQ+ community, according to a 2020 Nielsen study.

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We work with media and entertainment companies to ensure sustainability is deeply embedded in business strategies; to define what sustainability means for the media; and to identify industry standards and metrics to measure performance and ensure that companies are achieving tangible, credible progress towards their goals.  

Our services include work with companies on:

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Our team has extensive boardroom and field experience with media and entertainment companies.

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