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Climate Change

Reducing emissions, strengthening resilience

It is well-established science that human influence has warmed the earth’s climate more than 1.2°C since pre-industrial times—and global emissions continue to rise today.

Governments and business have responded with a wave of commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that drive climate change. But even if all long-term and net-zero targets are met, we still are on a trajectory to reach 2.1°C of warming by the end of the century.

The resulting changes to the ocean, melting ice sheets, and rising global sea levels are irreversible, and every fraction of a degree escalates climate risks. Billions of people around the world are potentially vulnerable to the resulting impacts on ecosystems and biodiversity, threatening livelihoods, health, and access to food and water.

Sustained, meaningful climate action from businesses, governments, and other global stakeholders is a critical part of the global response, which includes:

  • Support for nature-positive solutions that mitigate climate impacts
  • Mobilize suppliers, consumers, and employees to take action
  • Address climate injustice and co-create resilient solutions for affected communities.
  • Reduce carbon emissions and transform business to achieve net-zero

Climate action also creates opportunity and has become a mainstream business. Stakeholder pressure is mounting for businesses to act now. Net-zero commitments are here to stay, and mandatory climate disclosure will soon arrive for companies in many countries.


More than 3 billion people around the world are highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.


As of September 15, there are 1,238 companies with validated targets following a 1.5°C trajectory. Of this number, 500 were validated in 2022.


According to NASA, September Arctic sea ice is now shrinking at a rate of 13 percent per decade, compared to its average extent during the period of 1981 to 2010.

How We Can Help

Adding Value to Your Business and Society

To fulfill the Paris Agreement’s vision of a net-zero greenhouse gas emissions economy by 2050, we work with companies to deliver 1.5°C-aligned climate goals, transform their value chains, manage climate risks, and advance climate justice. We tailor our work to the specific needs of each company and industry. We’ll help your business align with the 1.5°C ambition and take credible action through a variety of offerings, including:

Supply chain (Scope 3) strategy and implementation, including supplier engagement and commodities decarbonization
Climate scenario analysis
Net-zero/science-based feasibility, goal setting, transformation strategy and roadmaps
Alignment with TCFD through integration of climate risks into risk management
Climate justice strategy, stakeholder engagement, and partnership development
Climate investment beyond the value chain, including carbon credits and climate investment strategy
Climate Risk Management

Who We Work With

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Case Studies

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Sustainability Insights

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As we enter 2023, it is easy to focus only on the many interconnected challenges that business and the world face. BSR President and CEO Aron Cramer explains why it is more compelling—and more useful—to focus on opportunities to deliver on sustainability commitments.


Collective Solutions for Meaningful Impact

Our collaborative initiatives enable companies to transform their businesses while creating shared solutions to global challenges and make a meaningful systemic impact.

Our Experts

Depth of Experience and Knowledge

Our Focus Area team consists of global experts across multiple focus areas, bringing a depth of experience and knowledge to integrating focus areas and sustainability strategies.

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David Wei

Managing Director

New York

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Ameer Azim

Director, Climate Change

New York

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Giulio Berruti



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Erin Leitheiser

Associate Director, Nature and Climate


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Eileen Gallagher

Associate Director

Hong Kong

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Deb Gallagher

Director, Climate

New York

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Berkley Rothmeier


San Francisco

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