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How We Work

Sustainability Consulting

With more than 20 years of global experience in sustainability, we work one-on-one with companies to inform, shape, and help implement their objectives and strategies for the long term.

Sustainability Services

Our service offerings are designed to meet the immediate demands of a single project as well as to integrate sustainability into a company's ongoing operations.



To help companies better understand the changing context within which they operate, BSR has designed cutting-edge methodologies and tools for robust internal and external assessments.

  • Company benchmarking
  • Issue prioritization
  • Management approach
  • Materiality review
  • Sustainability context
  • Trend analysis

Stakeholder Engagements
Stakeholder Engagements

Stakeholder Engagements

BSR provides networks and support to ensure sustainability strategies can succeed through engaging stakeholders at every level, both inside and outside a company.

  • Global outreach and insights
  • Mapping and prioritization
  • Partnership due diligence and brokering
  • Platform design and facilitation
  • Strategy design and implementation 



BSR works with companies to set direction and design, and to implement a sustainability strategy that drives business value and benefits the company and stakeholders alike.

  • Ambition setting
  • Establishing goals, KPIs, programs for strategy
  • Governance and operating model design
  • Policy and process development
  • Risk/opportunity analysis

Implementation Support
Implementation Support

Implementation Support

BSR has unique implementation interventions to help companies achieve internal buy-in for sustainability ambitions and build accountability for performance, from leadership to the line.

  • Communications support
  • Internal briefings and awareness raising
  • KPI tracking tools
  • Monitoring and evaluation mechanism development

Reporting and Communications
Reporting and Communications

Reporting and Communications

BSR is a leader in helping companies disclose sustainability performance and create reporting and communications approaches that show a sustainability commitment to stakeholders at every level.

  • Process review and operating model
  • Report review and benchmarking
  • Reporting strategy and content development

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