The Challenge

As the media industry evolves, so do the definitions of what it means to be a great corporate citizen. With many media companies both creating and distributing content, their impact is far reaching—but industry-wide priorities can be hard to define and set.

Our Strategy

We brought together eight companies from a diverse set of industries (e.g. technology, publishing and consumer products) to discuss corporate responsibility in the media and entertainment sectors. This four-hour roundtable convening was the first meeting of its kind in the United States and focused on solving several key issues, including:

  • Defining CSR in the media and entertainment industry
  • Communicating CSR and CSR reporting
  • Establishing trust in the media and journalistic integrity
  • Defining industry standards for CSR and metrics to measure performance

Our Impact

BSR continues to sow the seeds of change within this evolving industry through one-on-one work with influential media companies. Through our work with foundations and other industries, we operate at the forefront of identifying issues—such as freedom of expression and responsible supply chain management—before they become mainstream.

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