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Climate Change


BSR Climate Scenarios

Scenario planning can inform today’s climate risk disclosures, build resilient business strategies, and present opportunities for bold action. Explore our new climate scenario narratives now.

Scenario Analysis Learnings: Three Big Implications of Climate Risk to Business thumbnail image
Accelerating an Inclusive Energy Transition beyond COP27 thumbnail image
Just Transition: Navigating Beyond Best Practice thumbnail image
Calling for Action on Climate Justice at COP27 thumbnail image
How Business Can Integrate Biodiversity into a Nature Strategy thumbnail image
Scenarios Reveal the Urgency of Climate Action for The Food, Beverage, and Agriculture Sector thumbnail image
BSR Climate Scenarios: A Tool to Drive Resilient Business Strategy thumbnail image
Advancing Nature-Positive Solutions for Business thumbnail image
The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) Creates Powerful Tailwinds for Net Zero Companies thumbnail image
Business Leadership in the Great Fragmentation: Part 1 thumbnail image
Just Transition: Clean Energy with a Clear Conscience thumbnail image
Delaying Climate Action: The Challenges of Moderating Climate Misinformation on Social Media thumbnail image
President and CEO Aron Cramer Responds to West Virginia v. EPA thumbnail image
How Business Can Advance Climate Justice thumbnail image
How the SEC Can Mandate Climate-Related Disclosures and Drive Corporate Action thumbnail image

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