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The Just Transition Planning Process for Business

September 11, 2023
  • Jenna Kowalevsky portrait

    Jenna Kowalevsky

    Manager, Energy, Extractives, Industrials, and Transport, BSR

  • Anine Bundgård portrait

    Anine Bundgård

    Manager, Climate Change, BSR

  • Alexandra Kolev portrait

    Alexandra Kolev

    Associate, Collaboration, BSR

  • Ouida Chichester portrait

    Ouida Chichester

    Director, Energy, Extractives, Transport, and Industrials, BSR

A Toolkit to Drive Social Dialogue and Stakeholder Engagement Toward a Just, Equitable, and Inclusive Transition

For companies designing and implementing a just, equitable and inclusive approach to net zero, the process is complex and requires difficult trade-offs. This guidance offers practical steps to help companies formulate a just transition plan, including implementation tools for:

  • External stakeholder engagement and social dialogue
  • Internal knowledge-gathering and discussions
  • A company-wide integration strategy

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