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Business Transformation for
a Just and Sustainable World

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    Our Mission

    BSR’s mission is to work with business to create a just and sustainable world.

    Our Vision

    We envision a world in which all people can thrive on a healthy planet.



    How We Work

    Delivering impact.

    Core Principles

    Putting our Mission Into Action

    Our Difference

    BSR works with members and partners in pursuit of a world in which all people can thrive on a healthy planet.

    Our work is enabled by long-term relationships with a growing member network of more than 300 of the world’s most influential and dynamic companies. Together, we collaborate to create resilient, thriving enterprises, and shape an economy based on equity and sustainability. Our efforts are enriched by collaboration with a diverse network of partners and stakeholders from civil society, philanthropy and the public sector.

    Illustrative Member List

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    TowerBrook Capital Partners logo
    Edison International logo
    Sony Group Corporation logo
    IK Investment Partners Ltd logo
    Atlas Renewable Energy logo
    Berkshire Partners logo
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    Our People

    Making the world a more just and sustainable place isn’t possible without a great diversity of people and minds. What makes BSR unique is the variety and the richness of the different people that we bring together.

    Portait of Cecile Oger

    Cecile Oger, Managing Director, People and Culture, BSR