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The Elephant in the Sustainability Room

Addressing the Tension Between Growth and Environmental Goals in Corporate Business Strategies

May 6, 2024
  • Giulio Berruti portrait

    Giulio Berruti

    Director, Climate Change, BSR

  • Julie Dugard portrait

    Julie Dugard

    Manager, Climate Change, BSR

  • Kaia Ling portrait

    Kaia Ling

    Associate, Climate, BSR

  • Sandrine Moubarak portrait

    Sandrine Moubarak

    Associate, Consumer Sectors, BSR

After a decade of setting environmental commitments, the company's focus has shifted to delivery.

This implementation phase is proving challenging for many. Despite some progress, many companies find they are progressing at a slower pace than expected. While the lack of a supporting policy environment certainly contributes to these challenges, in many cases, they are also a result of business objectives that remain at odds with sustainability targets.

This foundational working paper builds on BSR’s Beyond Growth event series, and is the first in BSR’s ongoing contribution to critical business discussions to address this tension. It explores:

  • The fundamental issues and barriers creating this tension
  • How alternative economic models are an underexplored solution
  • How can business address the tension between growth and sustainability targets, including through business model transformation

BSR is committed to exploring all paths to effectively deliver long-term sustainability goals, and will continue to contribute to this critical discussion with members.


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