Five New Collaborative Initiatives for BSR Members

June 30, 2014
  • Angie Farrag-Thibault

    Former Director, Collaborative Initiatives and Transport and Logistics, BSR

Following the introduction of BSR’s revamped approach to membership in April—which focuses on new ways to collaborate across industries and sectors—we are launching five collaborative initiatives for BSR members on procurement, climate, stakeholder engagement, sustainability reporting, and health and wellness.

These new groups have been added to our comprehensive portfolio of 19 collaborative initiatives to ensure that BSR member companies can participate in different types of collaborations to suit their needs and ensure more progress. Our collaborative initiatives, which span issues and industries, allow companies and other stakeholders to create learning circles, establish new performance norms and standards, build expertise, and aggregate influence to achieve desired outcomes.

Two of our new initiatives are tailored for specialists who need to work sustainability objectives into their day jobs:

  • Center for Sustainable Procurement Roundtable: A group of procurement, sourcing, and sustainable supply chain managers from across industries will work to incorporate sustainability criteria into the procurement process and make more sustainable purchasing decisions across buying categories. (Visit our Center for Sustainable Procurement page to learn more about our current work.)
  • Climate Science Initiative: This cross-sector initiative will help companies understand the latest climate science and what it means for them based on research from authoritative scientific bodies such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. (Visit our climate strategy page to learn more about our current work.)

Our other three new initiatives are tailored for sustainability department representatives to build skills within teams to accelerate performance in stakeholder engagement, reporting, and across the health and wellness agenda:

  • The Future of Sustainability Reporting: This discussion forum will help companies understand current global trends in sustainability reporting by engaging with experts and sharing insights on a diverse array of themes, including transparency, standards, and performance measurement. (Visit our reporting and communications page to learn more about our current work.)
  • Future of Stakeholder Engagement: This discussion forum will facilitate learning among members about the different approaches to stakeholder engagement taking hold across industry sectors and geographies. It will help members analyze their effectiveness in stakeholder engagement and explore new ways stakeholder engagement can create value for business and society. (Visit our stakeholder engagement page to learn more about our current work.)
  • Business Coalition for Population Health: This forum will bring cross-industry leaders together to work on expanding health and wellness across entire value chains by mapping best practices and creating tools for companies to support positive health outcomes.

Fostering collaboration among the world’s most influential companies has been a core focus of BSR for many years. These collaborative initiatives will help companies and their stakeholders identify important issues, examine new ideas, and implement new methodologies and industrywide solutions that bring positive change to the world.

For more information about BSR’s collaborative initiatives, email, or visit our collaborative initiatives page.

Let’s talk about how BSR can help you to transform your business and achieve your sustainability goals.

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