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Center for Sustainable Procurement

Center for Sustainable Procurement


Although more sustainability data has become available in recent years, companies don't always know how to apply this information to the products they purchase. Procurement managers require methods and guidance that will help them integrate product sustainability data into everyday purchasing decisions.

A three-year initiative, the Center for Sustainable Procurement (CSP) aims to help procurement professionals make informed purchasing decisions based on the best available sustainability data and information. To do this, we will conduct research and work with companies to develop resources, guidance, and processes to integrate sustainability data into the procurement process at the product category level. 

The Center for Sustainable Procurement will publish research and work with companies to develop:  

  • Internal education for company sourcing teams and other key influencers
  • Integration of sustainability factors into existing resources, such as internal purchasing platforms
  • Category-specific case studies and pilots that build on existing company purchasing models
  • Webinars and publications to be shared with the wider BSR network 

Work Streams

In Practice
  • Research, case studies, and surveys on topics such as incentives for category managers, key issues for buyers to consider at the product level, the efficacy of third-party labels and certification, and more
  • Metrics analyses that focus on integrating sustainability into existing approaches such as "total cost of ownership"
  • Educational guidelines, webinars, and web content for companies to share with internal sourcing teams
  • One-on-one and collaborative consulting projects for a small group of BSR members to examine current purchasing processes, develop solutions for integrating sustainability into decisions, and share lessons collectively



Major Funder

Hilton logo


“Hotels purchase a range of products to support a great guest experience, and our work is focused on getting past product scoring and marketing labels to help our buyers quantify sustainability as part of overall product quality and cost.”
—Bill Kornegay, Senior Vice President, Hilton Supply Management, Hilton Worldwide

“The Center for Sustainable Procurement gets to the heart of what we do at BSR: We work with companies to catalyze sustainability solutions that make a difference across multiple industries globally—and we're doing this with very practical, easy-to-use resources.”
Eric Olson, Senior Vice President, Advisory Services, BSR


For more information, contact Jesse Nishinaga.