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Twitch Human Rights Impact Assessment

April 18, 2023
  • Dunstan Allison-Hope portrait

    Dunstan Allison-Hope

    Senior Advisor, BSR

  • Lindsey Andersen portrait

    Lindsey Andersen

    Associate Director, Human Rights, BSR

  • Hannah Darnton portrait

    Hannah Darnton

    Director, Technology and Human Rights, BSR

  • Faraz Ansari portrait

    Faraz Ansari

    Associate, Technology Sectors, BSR

Twitch partnered with BSR's and Amazon’s central human rights team to undertake a human rights assessment of Twitch. The goal of the assessment is to:

  • Identify and prioritize human rights risks with which Twitch is involved, and the vulnerable groups impacted
  • Recommend appropriate action for Twitch to address these risks (i.e., avoid, prevent, mitigate, and remedy)
  • Describe the roles and responsibilities of other actors in the Twitch value chain, and identify how Twitch could partner with these actors to address these risks

This assessment focuses on the human rights most relevant to Twitch platform policy, partnerships, and impacts (including safety operations), rather than Twitch’s broader operations and supply chain. This focus was agreed with Twitch at the outset given the likely greater salience of these human rights risks and the increasing stakeholder interest in them. Off-service harassment issues were not in scope for this assessment.


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