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Responsible Business in Space

Priorities for Longevity in the Space Industry

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October 10, 2023
  • Paul Holdredge portrait

    Paul Holdredge

    Director, Energy, Extractives, Transport, and Industrials, BSR

  • Julia Hunter portrait

    Julia Hunter

    Consultant for Space and Sustainability, BSR

In the present day, the space industry is at the cusp of unprecedented growth and transformation. What was once a realm of scientific inquiry and exploration has now evolved into a multitude of commercial activities, spanning technology, communication, manufacturing, resource extraction, habitat development, and leisure.

The allure of investment in this industry is undeniable. However, it has become increasingly important for businesses to anticipate sustainability issues and accountability within the space sector. This notion extends beyond the standard confines of business risk; it encompasses potential threats to the industry itself and, by extension, our planet.

In a concerted effort to discern the path forward, BSR engaged in dialogues with 16 distinguished leaders in the aerospace domain. Leaders interviewed included executive levels from VP through to CEO and board members, and they covered companies in sectors ranging from launch providers to engineering services and space tourism. The outcomes brought several strategic imperatives. Key issues and opportunities were based around a forward-thinking definition of sustainability and considered the pivotal challenges that require focus for the industry’s enduring viability.


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