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Just Transition and Modern Slavery

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November 28, 2023
  • Kelly Metcalf portrait

    Kelly Metcalf

    Manager, Human Rights, BSR

  • Jenna Kowalevsky portrait

    Jenna Kowalevsky

    Manager, Energy, Extractives, Industrials, and Transport, BSR

  • Ouida Chichester portrait

    Ouida Chichester

    Director, Energy, Extractives, Transport, and Industrials, BSR

To plan for and achieve a just, equitable, and inclusive transition, business has a responsibility to ensure its efforts to transition to net zero that does not place people at risk. To this end, BSR’s Energy for a Just Transition collaboration explored the modern slavery risks associated with the energy transition and identified ways to address these risks.  

Affected communities and impacted populations, including workers, must be engaged in dialogue and decision-making processes to ensure the impacts of the transition on their social and economic well-being are considered. It is crucial to ensure that social protections for workers and communities and the rights of workers are upheld. 

Business can proactively manage modern slavery risks by: 

  • Outlining expectations on ethical business practices 

  • Increasing understanding of modern slavery 

  • Identifying and assessing risks 

  • Engaging suppliers 

  • Providing remedy and supporting survivors 

  • Collaborating

The team would like to thank Andrey Pertsov and Claudio Formisano for their contribution to the report.


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