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Gender Equality in Codes of Conduct Guidance

April 24, 2017

Women’s rights are often addressed in limited ways, if at all, in codes of conduct. These codes mostly rely on the integration of international conventions relating to discrimination and inequality and are insufficiently comprehensive or gender-sensitive. This means that the unique needs of the majority of the workforce remain unaddressed, exposing companies to potential production and delivery disruptions, bottlenecks, and inefficiencies.

To redress this, BSR—with support from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expertise of the Evidence Project/Meridian Group International, Inc.—has developed the Gender Equality in Codes of Conduct Guidance. This Guidance offers a gender-sensitive analysis of codes of conduct principles—with a primary focus on women—and makes recommendations on how companies can strengthen their clauses to promote gender equality in the workplace, with a specific focus on developing and emerging markets-based supply chains. 


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