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For Consultation | Gender Equality in Codes of Conduct Guidance

February 28, 2017
  • BSR Staff

The public consultation period on this report is now closed. We are no longer accepting feedback.

Women’s empowerment is widely recognized as critical to sustainable development and a key driver of economic prosperity and environmental protection. In particular, the empowerment of women is a pathway to large-scale poverty alleviation and improvements in health, education, and well-being for individuals, families, and communities.

To achieve this, businesses must integrate women’s empowerment approaches into their business operations and value chains. This can be accomplished through shifts to existing mechanisms, policies, and strategies.

To that end, BSR is seeking feedback on a draft framework that will help companies integrate gender considerations into their standards and policies for supply chain ethical requirements. This is the first in a set of tools to promote practices and systems in supply chains that empower women. 

Gender Equality in Codes of Conduct Guidance” is now open for public consultation. We invite you to download the report, read it, and provide feedback via the form below (permalink). The comment period will close on March 26, 2017. 

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