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Climate Nexus Reports

The Business Case for Action

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September 10, 2018
  • BSR Staff

⇔Businesses already experience the negative impacts of climate change, from infrastructure damage to disruptions to logistics. Since 2011, the World Economic Forum’s annual Global Risks Report has ranked climate risks a high priority for business in terms of both likelihood and impact.

It is critical for business to understand the full spectrum of climate risk: not merely how physical impacts affect infrastructure, but also the extent to which their workers and assets are exposed and how communities experience and adapt to these impacts.

What businesses often overlook is that building climate resilience simultaneously advances other goals, including respecting human rights, increasing inclusivity, empowering women, improving the health of workers and communities, and managing supply chains. 

To help businesses explore the interaction between climate and these areas, and to direct companies to opportunities for synergy and interventions that will build climate resilience, BSR is launching a series of reports on the “nexus” between climate resilience and other key sustainability issues: supply chain, health, inclusive economy, women, human rights, and just transition.

All papers in this series are aimed at business to help sustainability practitioners drive resilience inside their companies, across their supply chains, and within the communities where they operate.

Climate Nexus Report Series

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