Action for Sustainable Derivatives: Annual Update on Progress, 2023 hero image

Action for Sustainable Derivatives: Annual Update on Progress, 2023

January 15, 2024
  • Ricki Berkenfeld portrait

    Ricki Berkenfeld

    Associate Director, Consumer Sectors and Transformation, BSR

  • Alexandra Kolev portrait

    Alexandra Kolev

    Associate, Collaboration, BSR

The latest update from Action for Sustainable Derivatives (ASD), an industry-led collaboration aimed at achieving sustainable production and sourcing of palm oil derivatives, discusses its progress in 2023. This includes strengthening ASD’s approach to action through more proactive grievance monitoring and management, deepening engagement with supply chain players, and scaling impact on-the-ground.

Highlights include:

  • Collective transparency for 1,100,000 tons of palm-based materials, representing 11% of the global palm-based oleochemicals market, including 47.5% transparency to plantation level.
  • Proactive monitoring of deforestation grievances through a year-long pilot of Nusantara Atlas satellite monitoring tool, and working towards an understanding of % deforestation-free volumes.
  • Trader engagement to discuss possibilities for stronger supply chain control mechanisms
  • Demonstrated positive impact on-the-ground after a full year of collective support to the Kaleka Mosaik Initiative and continued progress with the ASD Respect in Palm pilot program.

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