As we kick off the global celebration of our 25th anniversary, here are the sustainability events that we’ll host, attend, and speak at this month.

What We’re Hosting

  • April 3: Human Rights Managing Director Margaret Jungk will host a BSR Connect event on human rights trends and future challenges for business in Copenhagen. She will be joined by French Ambassador Francois Zimeray.
  • April 19: President and CEO Aron Cramer will kick off our 25th year celebrations with a dinner in New York on how business leads. This event is part of a global series marking our 25th anniversary with senior representatives of our member companies and select partners.
  • April 20: Managing Director Tara Norton, Director Lin Wang, and Associate Director Armel Yver will host the BSR Connect event “Supply Chain Leadership and Trends in Worker Engagement” in our Paris office.
  • April 20: Managing Director Dunstan Allison-Hope and Associate Director Peter Nestor will host a BSR Connect event on global trends in technology, business, and human rights in Tokyo.
  • April 20: Senior Vice President Eric Olson and Manager Berkley Rothmeier will host our 25th anniversary celebration with Target’s Chief Sustainability Officer Jennifer Silberman in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • April 21: Allison-Hope will speak on sustainability trends in the U.S. political landscape at a seminar co-hosted with CBCC in Tokyo.
  • April 21: Manager Lauren Shields and Associate Margaux Yost will host an apparel industry roundtable dialogue, “Creating an Enabling and High-Performing Work Environment through Gender Equality,” in Addis Ababa.
  • April 25: Managing Director John Hodges will moderate a conversation with the IIRC's CEO Richard Howitt in New York.
  • April 26-28: Director Angie Farrag-Thibault, Associate Director Karlyn Adams, Manager Maurice Meehan, and Associates Martin Benderson and Christoph Karge will host the spring Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN) members meeting in Dubai.

Where We’ll Be