The Carbon Call and the Urgency for Reliable and Shareable Corporate Emissions Data

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Date and Time

Tuesday December 6, 2022
11:00 am-12:00 pm EST




Climate Change | Sustainability Management


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Greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting is experiencing unprecedented expansion, among others with the emerging SEC climate rule in the US, European reporting regulations, and ISSB’s pending climate standard. Driven by greater and more concerted ambition to address the climate crisis, companies in particular are accelerating and extending longstanding work to assess, reduce, and report GHG emissions. Financial, regulatory, and statutory drivers further amplify the need for more and better GHG information within companies and the need for all companies to be able to compare, share, and use information across the corporate GHG ecosystem.

The global trend of increased GHG accounting and reporting places increased demand on companies to compile comparable and sharable GHG information—that is, the demand for interoperability, or the ability to compare, share, and use information across GHG accounting and reporting systems and the supporting digital data ecosystem.

Coming out of COP27 in November, it is clear that it is time to turn pledges into progress. But companies can’t manage nor report what they can’t measure, which is why robust carbon accounting is more important now than ever. The Carbon Call, a ClimateWorks Foundation-hosted initiative, mobilizes collective action, investment, and resources to strengthen a more reliable and interoperable carbon accounting system. This webinar will introduce the Carbon Call and present findings from the Carbon Call Roadmap, the result of five months of collective problem-solving backed by case studies from the Carbon Call’s expert advisory group representing 28 leading private sector, scientific, philanthropy, NGOs and inter-governmental organizations.

Scheduled Speakers

  • JC Seghers, Senior Climate Advisor, Carbon Call
  • Giulio Berruti, Director