Case Studies

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Sustainability Management | Energy and Extractives

Twin Metals Minnesota: Using Early Stakeholder Engagement to Improve Strategy

By helping Twin Metals Minnesota engage early with a broad set of stakeholders for its development of an underground copper mine, BSR worked with the company to integrate stakeholder ideas into a more robust sustainability strategy for the company as a whole.

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Sustainability Management

BSR Conference 2010: ‘Innovate. Integrate. Inspire.’

The BSR Conference 2010 'Innovate. Integrate. Inspire.' brought together more than 1,100 senior business executives, entrepreneurs, and leaders from the public sector and civil society to connect with their peers and define the business models essential for future success.

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Driving Innovation Through Partnerships

Since BSR's founding, we have been strongly committed to achieving our mission through powerful partnerships. BSR's Partnership Development team is dedicated to catalyzing collaboration between business and social and environmental innovators in the public and nonprofit sectors to make progress on systemic sustainable development challenges.

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Creating Business Opportunity by Tackling Sustainable Consumption

By nearly any measure, the way we consume natural resources is unsustainable: Research suggests that we are currently using 50 percent more natural resources than the Earth can sustain.

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Actionable Research on Sustainability

Our Research team tracks emerging trends and solutions central to building sustainable business. We aim to help business leaders stay ahead of the curve and shape future-oriented decisions on a wide range of challenges, from energy management, to sustainable consumption, to human rights.

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BSR Membership: A Global Network of Sustainability Leaders

BSR is proud to support and partner with our powerful network of member companies, who share with us a focus on building a just and sustainable world. We work every day to provide our member companies with value based on the insights, expertise, and relationships we've built through years of hands-on work in the field.

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Financial Services

Sumitomo Trust and Banking: A Sustainable Investment Strategy for China

Our research and analysis enabled Sumitomo to create a new investment model and achieve outstanding performance that has attracted significant attention and serves as a role model for investors in China.

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Transport and Logistics

Maersk Line: Developing a ‘Future-Proofed’ Sustainability Strategy

We helped Maersk Line set a strong sustainability vision supported by clear objectives: reducing carbon-dioxide emissions by 25 percent by 2015 and striving for zero sulfur-dioxide emissions.

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Energy and Extractives

ExxonMobil: Early Planning for Sustainable Economic Development

For the Papua New Guinea Liquefied Natural Gas Project, we helped ExxonMobil create sustainable economic development programs focused on workforce and supplier development and strategic community investments.