Margot Brent

Margot works with BSR member companies across industries on sustainability management and women’s empowerment among other topics.

Prior to joining BSR, she managed a global open innovation program focused on crowdsourcing and collaborations for innovative and sustainable ways to generate business value in retail supply chains including fashion, beauty, and hard goods. Margot previously worked with NGOs, governments, and the private sector to design, implement, and evaluate development programs focused on climate change adaptation across Africa and Asia. These programs included a focus on environmental restoration, policy, and educational reform, as well as alternative livelihood strategies to enhance resilience to climate change. She is also a member of the advisory council for The Women’s Foundation Mentoring Programme in Hong Kong where she has led the communications team and currently advises on the alumni community strategy.

She holds a B.A. in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics and a B.Phil in Sustainable Development, both from University of Stellenbosch. 

Insights From Margot Brent