Cecile Oger

Cecile works with BSR members to advance sustainability strategies and better partner with stakeholders to create more resilient and inclusive business practices. She also leads BSR’s global staffing process and people management in EMEA, which includes recruitment and professional development.

Cecile leads projects on stakeholder engagement, materiality, and strategy, mostly in the healthcare; consumer products; and food, beverage, and agriculture sectors. She also leads the Healthcare Working Group.

Prior to joining BSR, Cecile served as deputy director for SGS Sustainability Services. Her work involved developing service offerings for sustainable supply chains. Before that, she was executive director of SFSTP, one of the largest associations of industrial pharmacists in Europe. She started her career in the chemicals industry, working for Clariant in the U.K. and Canada. She speaks French and English.

Cecile holds an M.B.A. from Ryerson University, a B.Sc. in Chemistry and Business Administration from Kingston University London, and a Life Science degree from University of Angers.

Insights From Cecile Oger