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The Benefit Multiplier of Investing in Nature

May 3, 2016
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    BSR Staff

The purpose of this business brief is to show that leading companies—around the world and across sectors—are citing business reasons for investing in nature-based solutions and the restoration of natural systems. The illustrative case examples cited in the brief show that early corporate movers are now engaged with green infrastructure projects, as well as with ecological restoration initiatives that work with natural systems and address business issues and challenges, or realize new opportunities.

Many of these early adopters are finding that natural, systems-oriented initiatives are benefit multipliers, which—when designed well—make business sense while also offering community and environmental benefits. It is time for a cohort of fast followers to explore this body of work and consider crafting business solutions that work with, restore, and maintain the natural systems in which companies are situated—with the potential of realizing multiple returns and benefits.

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