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The Supply Chain Leadership Ladder 2.0

BSR Maturity Model for Supply Chain Sustainability

May 15, 2019
  • Tara Norton

    Former Managing Director, BSR

  • Cliodhnagh Conlon portrait

    Cliodhnagh Conlon

    Director, Consumer Sectors, BSR

  • Jeremy Prepscius

    Former Vice President, Asia-Pacific, BSR

Across industries, managing companies’ supply chain sustainability has become increasingly important. Leading companies recognize that supply chain sustainability programs create value through mitigating risk, increasing resource efficiency to find cost savings, driving innovation through supplier collaboration, and more.  

The Supply Chain Leadership Ladder is a maturity model that BSR has developed for companies to evaluate and evolve their approach to supply chain sustainability. A better understanding of their current standing with regards to supply chain knowledge, management, and supplier engagement helps these companies to identify how and where they need to invest in their supply chain in order to drive competitive advantage. Supply chain sustainability, also known as responsible sourcing, sustainable sourcing, responsible supply, sustainable procurement, and by other names, continues to evolve, and as such, our approach needed to evolve as well.  

Two years following the launch of the Leadership Ladder, BSR is pleased to release this update. The Leadership Ladder 2.0 incorporates learnings from our work with companies where we use the framework to identify their level of maturity and ambition, benchmark their practices against their peers, and develop concrete action plans to improve. 

For companies looking to build or advance their approaches to supply chain sustainability, the Supply Chain Leadership Ladder 2.0 is a useful tool to assess practices and the opportunity to progress. Please don’t hesitate to contact our team to discuss how we can work together. 


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