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Corporate Action to End Gun Violence

January 17, 2022
  • BSR Staff

BSR’s Toolkit for Corporate Action to End Gun Violence was developed in collaboration with Everytown for Gun Safety. Gun violence is a national issue in the US. Due to the pervasiveness of gun violence, businesses, their employees, business partners, and customers are all likely to have been impacted by the issue at some point. While many companies see the issue of gun violence as falling outside their sphere of responsibility and influence, companies can and should take action to protect their employees, consumers, and the communities they operate in. This toolkit puts forward a framework for corporate action to end gun violence. The framework features a business case on the importance of ending gun violence, industry deep dives for retail, financial services, media and social media, and tech sectors, and includes many case studies and examples from companies across industries and sectors that have taken action to end gun violence.

What You Will Find in the Toolkit

This Toolkit for Corporate Action on Gun Violence was developed to guide companies as they work to address gun violence, both internally in their own operations and externally in the communities they are linked to. The Toolkit is split into three sections: the business case, framework, and industry deep dives.

  1. Business Case: Demonstrate how business is interconnected with gun violence and show the importance of company action on gun violence.
  2. Framework: Provide examples of potential actions for companies and connect with useful resources on advancing strategies against gun violence.
  3. Industry Deep Dives: Demonstrate for specific sectors detailed case studies, actions, and key learnings for business action on gun violence.

How Companies Can Use the Toolkit

Companies can use the toolkit in three ways: to make the business case for action, to assess where their company intersects with gun violence, and to identify opportunities to integrate actions to prevent gun violence in with existing strategies.


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