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Clean Cargo Shippers Transport Emissions

March 27, 2013
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    BSR Staff

Rising consumer and regulatory pressures—and the release of supply chain emissions reporting standards—are pushing companies to ask their transport suppliers across road, rail, air, and ocean freight for reliable emissions data to measure the environmental footprint of their products. Yet companies still have questions on how to use this data in meaningful ways.

BSR's findings—based on a series of interviews with shippers—help answer how companies in the Clean Cargo Working Group are addressing these issues.

Results include:

  • Procurement decision-making: 78 percent of shippers use Clean Cargo emissions data to inform their procurement decision-making process.
  • Sustainability reporting: 56 percent of shippers use Clean Cargo emissions data either in their sustainability performance reporting.
  • Intermodal transport comparison: Shippers highlighted that Clean Cargo emissions data enables them to compare different, lower emissions modes of transportation.

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