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Artificial Intelligence: A Rights-Based Blueprint for Business

August 28, 2018
  • Dunstan Allison-Hope portrait

    Dunstan Allison-Hope

    Senior Advisor, BSR

Artificial intelligence (AI)—and the big data business models underpinning it—is disrupting how we live, work, do business, and govern.

The speed, complexity, and novelty of these disruptions imply that similarly innovative approaches to responsible business will be needed for us to realize the full potential of AI to create long-term value.

We have published three papers describing a human rights-based blueprint for responsible business practice with regard to AI, both within and beyond the technology sector.

Why a Rights-Based Approach?

In Paper 1: Why a Rights-Based Approach?, we outline 10 beliefs—built on the internationally agreed foundations of the business and human rights field—to govern and guide the use of AI. We draw heavily on the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the foundational and internationally endorsed road map for addressing business human rights impacts on people.

Download Paper 1

Beyond the Technology Industry

In Paper 2: Beyond the Technology Industry, we argue that we must pay attention to the AI value chain, as well as the positive and negative human rights impacts associated with AI that are directly relevant for companies beyond the technology sector.

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Implementing Human Rights Due Diligence

In Paper 3: Implementing Human Rights Due Diligence, we explore the tools, methodologies, and guidance needed operationalize business respect for human rights in the context of AI development and use.

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