Ryan Zhang portrait

Ryan Zhang



Ryan supports BSR’s women’s empowerment practice through the Women in Factories China program as well as other projects on leadership training and equal employment opportunities for women.

These programs all aim to help women workers in global supply chains reach their potential by providing them with workplace trainings. Ryan’s work involves communication with different stakeholders for program implementation, curriculum and training manual development, training facilitation, and community outreach.

Prior to joining BSR, Ryan worked at GN ReSound China for seven years, where he focused on public relations, project management, training, and marketing, especially for Hearing the Future, a national hearing care, prevention, and treatment program and public-private partnership among the Chinese Ministry of Health, China Disabled Persons Federation, and GN ReSound.

Ryan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Tongji University. He also holds an Associate degree in Audiology from Fudan University.