Alessandro Carlucci portrait

Alessandro Carlucci

Former CEO, Natura | Board Chair, BSR

Alessandro Carlucci was recently elected Chairman of the board at BSR, and his interest in sustainability goes back a long way.

He worked for Natura Cosmetics for 25 years, the last 10 as its CEO. During his tenure as CEO, Natura grew fourfold, becoming one of the leading companies in Latin America. At the same time, it reduced its relative CO2 emissions by 33 percent and, by offsetting its emissions, became a carbon-neutral company.

Carlucci also served as chairman of the board at the World Federation of Direct Selling Association and is a board member of Renner, which is the biggest fashion retailer in Brazil.

It is his strong belief that the best way to do business is to integrate economic, social, and environmental aspects of a company which, in turn, generates greater value for all stakeholders.

Carlucci is a Business Administration graduate of Fundação Getulio Vargas, and he continued his studies at the Kellogg School of Business and at INSEAD.