The Southeast Asian Reptile Conservation Alliance (SARCA) is a multi-stakeholder, industry-led initiative and technical platform made up of luxury brands, manufacturers (tanneries, processing facilities), industry intermediaries, trade associations, nonprofits, and academic and government institutions participating in the trade of reptile skins coming from Southeast Asia.

Since its launch in 2018, SARCA has worked to advance a responsible and transparent reptile skin trade that maintains wild reptile populations, supports local livelihoods and national economies, and promotes animal welfare. Our vision is to advance responsible and transparent supply chains of reptile skins from Southeast Asia and drive improvements in the trade’s operating environment.

SARCA is pleased to share its first Update of Progress, which reflects on the developments of the Southeast Asian reptile trade and highlights SARCA’s key achievements and areas of continued focus, with information for interested companies and stakeholders on how to engage.

For more information or to join SARCA, please contact the SARCA secretariat, Edwina McKechnie.

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