This primer provides a new way of thinking about the future of supply chains—bringing together the top procurement priorities of leading global businesses and the key forces of change reshaping the very business models that have given rise to global supply chains—to enable supply chain leaders to envision and manage future-fit supply chains.

Deepening our understanding of both sets of drivers and their potential implications for supply chains creates a powerful lens through which to reimagine the ways that all parties to global supply chains create value and contribute to a more just and sustainable world. Supply chain leaders, and the organizations with which they work, should seize this moment of significant change to design and implement new supply chain management models. This primer sets out five specific recommendations to help supply chain leaders build future-fit supply chains that both drive progress on top procurement priorities and advance the sustainable business agenda.

The information here is gathered from a series of interviews and leadership dialogues with companies in our membership on the front lines of these changes; review of thought leadership from think tanks, academics, and practitioner surveys; as well as BSR’s experience helping companies in all industries evolve their approaches to supply chain sustainability.

In the months ahead, BSR will convene a series of targeted dialogues, experiential futures workshops, and a collaborative initiative that will incubate and expand on these solutions in real time, sharing and elaborating on new models that leading companies are already putting in place. We invite you to be a part of shaping the future of supply chains that we would all like to see—one in which supply chains enable human rights, climate resilience, women’s empowerment, and inclusive economies on a global scale.

Please contact us to learn more and share your thoughts.