Over the past several months, BSR and the Danish Fashion Institute have been working toward a “NICE Consumer” framework to drive collaboration on sustainable fashion consumption. To gather ideas, we’ve conducted research, held three webinars, and organized three in-person workshops in Stockholm, London, and Copenhagen.

We have used this input to draft the work-in-progress “Framework for Achieving Sustainable Fashion Consumption.” On May 2 and 3, more than 100 and 1,000 representatives, respectively, from industry, government, and civil society, will gather at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit  and pre-summit workshop to discuss and agree on actions to breathe life into the framework.

In advance of that meeting, we want your feedback on the following areas of our framework:

  • Will the changes in consumer behavior we envision lead to sustainable consumption? Are they sufficient?
  • What specific actions would you like to see industry, government, or civil society take?
  • What targets or measurable goals should be used to track progress?
  • How do you want to be involved going forward?

The framework document is available here.

Please send your input by email to niceconsumer@bsr.org. We will consider your input during the discussion and formulation of the recommendations that will result from the summit.