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Gender Equality in Social Auditing: Opportunities and Challenges

New York City


Date and Time

Friday November 9, 2018
9:30 am-12:00 pm Eastern Time


New York City

As a follow-up to BSR's Gender Equality in Social Auditing Guidance launched in September 2018, BSR is pleased to invite you to a convening on Friday, November 9, 2018. The convening will bring together a broad spectrum of supply chain stakeholders who play a critical role in shaping social auditing and workplace assessments around the world.

This meeting will allow participants to:

  • Further understand challenges, including structural constraints, to making audits more gender sensitive
  • Unpack and discuss guidance findings and recommendations
  • Learn from organisations that have taken steps towards more gender-sensitive auditing
  • Identify any practical steps and possible collaborations that would enable better identification and reporting of gender-sensitive issues and ultimately lead to workplace solutions

About the Guidance

BSR's Gender Equality in Social Auditing Guidance looks at constraints, challenges, and opportunities for making social auditing more gender sensitive. This guidance has been developed with several objectives in mind, notably to provide:

  • Auditing companies and social auditors (whether second or third party) performing social audits in global value chains with specific gender-sensitive verification measures and key techniques that can be integrated into an audit
  • Companies (using their own social auditing teams or using third party providers) with a better understanding of the challenges faced and with guidance on influencing the broader ecosystem to make audits more gender-sensitive, including considering other methodologies to complement or replace social audits
  • The broader spectrum of social compliance regulatory organizations—including standard holders, certification schemes, supply chain initiatives, and auditors’ associations—with a clear picture of the needs for the industry if social audits are to become better at picking up on gendered issues and identifying their root causes

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