Move Fast and Fix Things: Making ESG Essential for EU High-Growth Companies

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Date and Time

Thursday October 20, 2022
4:00 pm-7:00 pm CEST





Why ESG should be your absolute #1 priority. 

It’s time—now more than ever—for more sustainable business models to take global markets by storm. Events like COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine have demonstrated the vulnerability of our global system of supply and demand. Companies have experienced how major shocks to the system are not just bad for the bottom line, but can reinforce inequities and reverse years if not decades of progress made in areas like climate action and equity/inclusion—to our collective dismay. Consumers, investors, employees, and regulators are demanding, and creating, a more equitable playing field. And yet, the private sector arguably has the most at stake as it tries to maintain business continuity in the face of new shocks and increased scrutiny.

What does this mean for me as a young, high-growth, European tech company?

It means opportunity to double down on the values of your leaders and your employees by investing in ESG now, showing you are aware of global challenges and that your business model is resilient and prepared to withstand the turbulence for the long run. 

That makes sense. How do I get started?

Join us for an in-person facilitated discussion with high-growth company representatives from Swile, Navico, and AVEVA as we hear about their journeys to become more sustainable, and how embedding ESG has added resilience to their efforts. And stay for a candid discussion on how to fix the VC and investment ecosystem with friends from the academic, accelerators and VC space.

What’s going to be discussed?

  • Taking a look back, what did Silicon Valley get right on ESG? And more importantly, what did they get wrong? What might be different for EU High-Growthers?
  • What does creating an ESG practice for HGCs look like? How can you make ESG part of your value proposition? How do you even get started?
  • How have other high-growth companies overcome challenges, from budget, to mindset, to transparency, to meeting financial targets?
  • How can (and why should) I engage and encourage my stakeholders to care, notably, investors and VCs?
  • Ultimately, what can we create together to make ESG central to EU high-growth?

The session will be followed by a cocktail hour, where you will be joined by high-growth peers and leaders from BSR—willing to brainstorm on site. This convening is by invitation only and part of a broader series of meetings among young, high-growth companies, to which you will be invited. Please reach out to Jonathan Morris, Associate Director, BSR at to request an invitation.