How to Develop a Strategic Approach to Corporate Activism

Date and Time

Thursday January 31, 2019
8:00 am-9:00 am PST




Sustainability Management

CEO activism, the growing trend of top executives speaking out on sensitive social and political issues, has been labeled the “new normal.” In 2018, the #MeToo movement proved it had staying power and global reach. Workers from the gig economy to the world’s largest tech enterprises found new ways to mobilize and speak truth to power. Even Wall Street’s mainstream investors are asking companies to set out their long-term strategy and role in society.

However, determining when and how to speak out is tricky. Every possible action is risky, but inaction may not be much of an option either. BSR’s Alison Taylor and Polecat’s Yasmin Crowther will explore what the public’s response to recent corporate activism efforts tells us about how to approach the new activism landscape and explore the risks and opportunities of an environment where stakeholder trust is an ever-more valuable currency.