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Global Impact Sourcing Coalition

The Global Impact Sourcing Coalition (GISC) was a global network of businesses that aimed to create jobs for those most in need through the power of procurement and global supply chains.

What is Impact Sourcing?

Impact Sourcing is a business practice where a company prioritizes suppliers that intentionally hire and provide career development opportunities to people who otherwise have limited prospects for formal employment.

Impact Sourcing has been shown to provide many business benefits, for suppliers, including access to new sources of talent, higher levels of employee engagement, and lower attrition rates, while offering employees their first step onto a career ladder that leads to economic self-sufficiency through income growth, skills development, and professional advancement.

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While BSR no longer offers impact sourcing services, we are sharing the following resources, tools, and case studies that were produced by the GISC. These tools were developed during the lifetime of the initiative and are no longer monitored or updated. BSR is therefore unable to provide support or any guidance in the use of these tools.

Autism Empowerment Impact Sourcing Toolkit
GISC Annual Report 2018
GISC Annual Report 2019
GISC Impact Sourcing Standard
Impact Sourcing Assessment Resources
Impact Sourcing Case Study: Microsoft’s Impact Sourcing Journey
Impact Sourcing Case Study: Nielsen, Unlocking the Power of Procurement
Impact Sourcing Case Study: RRD’s Integrated Approach to Impact Sourcing
Impact Sourcing Guide for Buyers
Impact Sourcing Research Review 2017
Impact Sourcing Social Impact Measurement Framework
Impact Sourcing Standard Stakeholder Review 2017
Reducing Poverty through Employment Impact Sourcing Toolkit