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IAMGOLD: Integrating Human Rights Management Throughout the Business

January 27, 2011

The Challenge

BSR’s internal team of human rights and extractives-industry experts worked with key IAMGOLD staff to scope a multilevel training on the full spectrum of human rights relevant to mining operations. BSR developed interactive presentations, as well as facilitators’ guides and reference materials, for two levels of human rights trainings to be incorporated into a formal program for company staff and contractors.

Our Strategy

  1. A 30-minute training course on human rights awareness for all 3,000 employees and contractors
  2. A detailed, full-day interactive human rights training workshop for managers and supervisors

We designed the awareness-level training to be delivered initially to all employees and contractors, and then to be incorporated into employee on-boarding and annual training updates at individual mine sites. We designed the more intensive training for managers and supervisors to furnish relevant staff with an in-depth understanding of the business importance of and corporate responsibility for human rights, key risk factors, integration of human rights considerations into company management systems, and company policies related to the respect of human rights.

Our Impact

At IAMGOLD’s 2009 Sustainability Workshop in Cuenca, Ecuador, BSR reached more than 50 senior and executive staff members who have worldwide responsibility for facilitating the company’s human rights training. The company next plans to deliver the human rights training program to its global workforce by the end of 2011.

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