The Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab at the USC Marshall School of Business is seeking candidates for the position of Social Entrepreneur in Residence (SEIR). As SEIR, you will have an unparalleled opportunity to help shape and launch the next generation of enlightened, responsible business leaders and social entrepreneurs into the world. If selected, you will join an esteemed group of SEIR colleagues who have left their mark, including Kiva co-founder Jessica Jackley, SidePorch co-founder Sean Kneirim as well as this year’s current Resident, Unleeshed founder and CEO Saul Garlick.

The SEIR is on campus once a week to meet with students to discuss startup ideas and careers in social enterprise. (Historically, 35 percent of the meetings have been for advice on new social enterprise projects, while 65 percent are for general social impact job and career advising.) The SEIR also works with Brittingham Lab organically on projects that arise and is an integral member of the team for that year.

The successful SEIR Candidate will meet the following requirements: * Will have founded, run or have extensive experience with social enterprises, either for-profit or nonprofit entities, which generate income while focusing foremost on addressing a critical societal need. * Must enjoy working with students and is well connected to jobs and resources for students. * Must have a great reputation that would make us all proud of the association. * Must have a graduate degree, preferably an MBA. * Must be Los Angeles- or SoCal-based in order to come to campus weekly.

The SEIR is hired as an independent contractor and compensation is $20,000. (The SEIR will not be an employee of USC and will not receive a USC email address.)

Interested candidate should send a cover letter and resume to

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