Participates in the execution and evolution of the Company’s social responsibility strategy and community development policies, standards, practices and programs. Identifies, develops and implements strategic sustainable community development programs, including both thematic, risk centered, portfolio wide or regional efforts as well as site-specific activities that mitigate risk and protect social license to operate. Manages programs and processes key to ability to operate including but not limited to social investment, local contributions, stakeholder engagement, capacity building, program promotion and evaluation, and internal business coordination. Monitors and responds to actual and potential social issues, impacts and risks that will or could affect operations.

  • Lead the development and management of stakeholder engagement initiatives that address the unique risks, needs and opportunities of the assigned site(s) or region. Includes management of 100 to 400+ stakeholders with some level of influence over social license to operate, with 20 to 40 that are considered “high influence/risk” related to the site’s ability to operate, and 40 to 200 that require more significant/intensive engagement approaches. Supervise the site Stakeholder Engagement team to ensure critical coordination of relationship management and monitoring of sentiment or risk profile. Develop, maintain and build relationships with key community leaders on behalf of the company and local operation, and provide information in an accurate and timely manner as needed. Monitor/respond to community inquiries, requests, concerns and/or questions and serve as the site Community Grievance Officer. Facilitate any necessary community research such as public opinion/attitude surveys, baseline social needs assessments, etc. Coordinate with the regulatory-mandated stakeholder engagement efforts for permitting, closure, and remediation activities. Provides guidance and counsel to the corporate and site management team on applicable programs, practices and processes.
  • Advance social investment processes and projects, including the formal Community Investment Fund(s) and site contributions in consultation with Enterprise staff when necessary; ensure accountability with organizational recipients and provide technical guidance to potential applicants on project design, sustainability effectiveness, and achievement of outcomes. Ensure all investments are based on stakeholder input, address site risks and/or drive sustainable community development.
  • Develop, provide recommendations and manage activities that advance community leadership, self-sufficiency, and sustainability, ultimately reducing community dependency on the mining operations that prepares stakeholders for eventual closure. Coordinate with Enterprise staff to provide technical expertise to external stakeholders, cultivating a self-sustaining mind-set, engaging leaders in the various capacity-building programs offered, and identifying and creating additional opportunities to diversify local economies that create long-term viability.
  • Consult with various technical teams and other staff to manage current or potential social impacts of operational activities. Advance the development and implementation of social programs and processes that address the needs of operations and other administrative support groups (such as Environmental); assess and address specific risks, weaknesses and strengths as needed. Serve as a technical expert/manager on large, complex projects with actual or potential social impacts, participate in the site leadership team, and act as a key contributor to site strategic planning and Site Risk Register reviews to ensure community impacts are considered in various operations activities. Lead development of the Social Risk Register and 5 Year Community Engagement and Development Plan. Manage budgeting, contracts for needed goods/services, etc. Represent the site on various company-sponsored teams.
  • Work with internal and external communications personnel to develop stakeholder messages and materials at the operations level to share operational information in a transparent manner at the earliest possible stage, and/or garner positive visibility and increase awareness among key stakeholders and employees regarding the Company’s commitment to community involvement and sustainable development. Oversee data collection processes for various internal and external reporting efforts.
  • Oversee and lead efforts (or oversee another employee who may be responsible) to facilitate employee involvement in the community, including monitoring employee interests and community needs to identify strategic projects. Also ensures employees are prepared to serve as ambassadors of the assigned site(s) in the community, representing the company’s SD commitments appropriately.
  • Perform other duties as required.

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