Area Overview

The Global Sustainability Team enables Google to build a more sustainable future for everyone by driving strategy and catalyzing solutions. We drive the development and implementation of Google’s global sustainability strategy to further empower action, ensure alignment and prioritization, identify new leadership opportunities, and mitigate risks. The Team drives sustainability strategy and programs on carbon, circular economy, water, product integration, reporting, and employee engagement. We ultimately serve as a sustainability leadership voice internally and externally.

Role Overview

As Director of Sustainability Engagement & Partnerships, you will lead a cross-company strategy for Google’s sustainability partnerships and external and internal engagements. You will drive our leadership in key partnerships, coalitions, and corporate sustainability organizations. You will also lead the design and execution of event and engagement strategies that advance sustainability priorities across the company.

Select Responsibilities

As Director for Sustainability Engagement and Partnerships, you will be responsible for the following:

  • Drive leadership and influence in key patnerships, coalitions, and corporate sustainability organizations in support of the company sustainability strategy, spanning operations to product priorities
  • Provide strategic vision, leadership and guidance on external engagement strategy and drive internal engagement strategy on sustainability with employees
  • Oversee alignment with communications, policy, marketing teams on messaging, policy alignment, key global sustainability events and campaigns to advance climate action
  • Develop and manage the partnership dimensions of regional sustainability strategies across APAC, Latin America and EMEA
  • Work internally with cross-functional teams to drive governance and decision making around external partnerships and coalitions

Experience Requirements

Essential characteristics for this role:

  • Bachelor degree or equivalent experience
  • 15 years experience in sustainability engagement, developing and leading global sustainability partnerships, coalitions, and platforms
  • Leadership experience and expertise in a core area of corporate sustainability, i.e. energy, climate, water, circular economy
  • Experience working in multiple regional markets (e.g. Noh America, Asia Pacic, EMEA, Latin America)

Preferred Qualifications

Having as many of these specific qualifications is a plus, but transferable skills/experiences may be equally valuable:

  • Excellent leadership skills and ability to lead multiple campaigns and initiatives simultaneously
  • Experience securing executive support and buy-in for new programs/initiatives and influencing and collaborating with cross-functional stakeholders
  • Excellent ability to communicate effectively with multiple levels including executive leadership team, peers, managers, and junior staff
  • Evidence of a bias to action with strong attention to detail and data-driven decision making
  • Work experience or in-depth knowledge of clean energy, climate change and corporate sustainability
  • MBA, MS, or other advanced degree

Core Competencies


Makes tough calls, holds people accountable, takes responsibility for outcomes, mobilizes the organization to deliver excellence now and in the future, and perseveres to get things done despite obstacles. Always strives for high achievement.


Leads and manages an inclusive workplace that maximizes the talents of each person to achieve the vision and mission of the organization. This includes inviting and integrating diverse perspectives, creating equal opportunity to succeed, and creating a culture that fosters respect and inclusion.


Motivates others to act by creating a shared sense of vision or purpose. Creates a compelling vision for the future, and communicates clearly, confidently and authentically.

Strategic Mindset

Understands the complex relationship between the organization and its environment (e.g. competitive weaknesses and developments in technologies), identifies connections, adopt different perspectives and quickly responds to changing circumstances in a strategic way to actively shape the future.

Challenges the Status Quo

Thinks beyond the status quo, questions how things might be different, and develops creative ideas for alternatives. Takes risks to drive change and innovation and inspires the team to be risk-taking. Influences a change mindset in others despite pushback or resistance. Exhibits 10x thinking.

To Apply

Please visit the Google careers website.