Where BSR Will Be in May 2018

May 3, 2018
  • BSR Staff

This month, as we prepare to launch registration for the BSR Conference 2018 (stay tuned, and join our mailing list if you want to hear about it!), we’re also hosting, attending, and speaking at several other sustainability events around the world.

From the UN climate negotiations in Germany, to the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, to events about the Global Climate Action Summit, here’s where we’ll be in May.

What We’ll Host

  • May 3: Senior Vice President Eric Olson, Consumer Sectors Director Jorgette Mariñez, and Manager Byron Austin will host a dinner with sustainability leaders to discuss a shared agenda for 21st-century business in Chicago.
  • May 15: President and CEO Aron Cramer and Manager Kelly Gallo will host an event at the Salesforce Offices in San Francisco for businesses to learn more about the Global Climate Action Summit and opportunities to engage.
  • May 16: Cramer and Gallo will host a webinar to share information about the Global Climate Action Summit. This webinar will be held at two times for our global audiences.
  • May 16: We will celebrate our 10th anniversary in New York with a happy hour.
  • May 24: Our Paris office will hold a BSR Connect event on the French due diligence law and the strategic importance of a human rights impact assessment for companies as part of their vigilance plans.

Where We’ll Be


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