Where BSR Will Be in June 2018

June 1, 2018
  • BSR Staff

BSR staff are on the move at sustainability-related events around the world this month. From our own “Redefining Sustainable Business” event series to Sustainable Brands, the BBB Forum, and Devex World, here are the events we’ll host, attend, and speak at this June.

What We’ll Host

  • June 6: BSR will hold a members-only webinar on how artificial intelligence is delivering new insight and foresight on trends, stakeholders, and issues that can help companies enhance decision-making and build trust. Sustainability Management Managing Director Alison Taylor will speak.
  • June 7: The HERproject team will host the second Brand Convening of 2018 in Hong Kong. HERproject Director Christine Svarer, Manager Cherry Lin, and Manager Marat Yu will speak.
  • June 13: The Healthy Business Coalition will host a Sustainability Matters webinar on how companies can track and scale healthy business programs. Senior Vice President Laura Gitman will speak.
  • June 21: BSR will host the first event of our invitation-only “Redefining Sustainable Business” series on business and the 21st-century social contract in New York. President and CEO Aron Cramer and Sustainable Futures Lab Director Jacob Park will speak.
  • June 21: Managing Director Tara Norton and Manager Charlotte Bancilhon will host a half-day convening in New York about how embedding environmental, labor, and human rights considerations into supply chain finance mechanisms can help achieve business and sustainability goals.
  • June 28: Information and Communications Technology Associate Director Michael Rohwer and Manager Kelly Gallo will host our San Francisco “Redefining Sustainable Business” event on the future of sustainable business in the Bay Area.

Where We’ll Be

  • June 1: Managing Director Elisa Niemtzow will attend the 1.618 Sustainable Luxury Biennale in Paris.
  • June 4: Rohwer, Manager Nate Springer, and Manager Berkley Rothmeier will attend Sustainable Brands 2018 in Vancouver. Springer will speak in the session "Science-Based Targets: Lessons from Retailers for Retailers."
  • June 4-5: Cramer will attend the BSR board meeting in Paris.
  • June 5: Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN) Program Director Cecilia Müller Torbrand will present a paper on maritime corruption to the International Maritime Organisation in London.
  • June 5-6: Taylor will attend RI Europe 2018 in London.  
  • June 6: Associate Director Giulio Berruti will attend the launch event of the RE-Source platform and IRENA's Global Reference Index for Corporate Sourcing of Renewable Energy in Brussels.
  • June 7: Manager Margaux Yost will moderate the panel “Gender and Workplace Safety in the Supply Chain” at IDH4Gender in Nairobi.
  • June 11: Norton will be the keynote speaker at the Austrian Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs discussion forum, “Digitization and Responsibility in Global Supply Chains” in Vienna.
  • June 12: Gitman will moderate a panel of sustainability leaders at the BBB Forum on Corporate Responsibility in New York.
  • June 12: Director Angie Farrag-Thibault will facilitate an Airlines, Shippers, and Forwarders meeting organized by BSR in Düsseldorf. Berruti, Springer, and Associate Gareth Scheerder will participate in the event.
  • June 12: Associate Director Cecile Oger and Manager Byron Austin will host the Healthcare Working Group in-person spring meeting in our Paris office. 
  • June 12-13: Associate Léa Farnier will attend the ADEME Climate meeting in Paris. 
  • June 12-13: Manager Magali Barraja will speak on the panel “Bridging the Gap—Getting the Business Benefits of Gender Equality” at the amfori Unleash Opportunity annual conference in Amsterdam. Manager Cliodhnagh Conlon will attend.
  • June 13: Manager Mark Williams will join as a special guest panelist in an online stakeholder forum focused on SDG 8 hosted by GlobeScan.
  • June 13-15: Farrag-ThibaultBerrutiSpringer, and Scheerder will facilitate the Clean Cargo Working Group (CCWG) members meeting in Bonn, Germany. 
  • June 14-15: Cramer will attend a meeting of the Global Climate Action Summit Advisory Committee in New York.
  • June 18-23: Director David Wei and Manager Samantha Harris will attend the Adaptation Futures Conference in Cape Town, South Africa. Harris will present BSR’s research on private-sector climate risk and resilience.
  • June 19-20: Berruti will attend the event “How Business Can Measure the Impact—and ROI—of Corporate Sustainability” in London.
  • June 20-21: Farrag-Thibault, Human Rights Director Peter Nestor, and Associate Michaela Lee will facilitate the Building Responsibly members meeting and stakeholder convening in London.
  • June 21: Associate Director Karlyn Adams will speak on behalf of Green Freight Asia on sustainable logistics as competitive advantage at the International Smart Logistics and Supply Chain Congress in Singapore.
  • June 21: Director Jeffrey Crawford will attend Devex World 2018 in Washington, D.C.
  • June 25: Farrag-Thibault will participate in the Transforming Heavy Transport workshop at WBCSD in Geneva.
  • June 26-27: Manager Ouida Chichester will speak on a panel on “Solutions to Women’s Employment in Extractives” at the World Bank’s Gender and Oil, Gas and Mining: New Frontiers of Progress, Challenges and Solutions conference in Washington, D.C.
  • June 29: Müller Torbrand will attend the SeaTrade Awards ceremony in London; both MACN and CCWG have been nominated for the CSR award.

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