A Quick Guide to the HERproject Toolbuilder

June 20, 2011
  • Elissa Goldenberg

    Former Manager, BSR

Recently, I traveled to Jakarta, Indonesia, to unveil BSR’s HERproject Toolbuilder, a web-based application that helps global health educators create culturally relevant training tools for factory- and farm-based health education in developing countries. The Toolbuilder includes a collection of more than 200 images on seven different health topics.

Here is a quick guide to the Toolbuilder:

Step 1: First, select the tool you wish to create: a flipchart or a poster.

Step 2: Select which country you are making the tool for.

Step 3: Select the topic: general, reproductive, maternal, or mental health; family planning; nutrition; or harassment.

Step 4: Create the training materials.

With the HERproject Toolbuilder, you can sort, save, and collaborate on projects. Are you looking for training materials in Bangla, Urdu, or Vietnamese? No problem. The online tool supports the local languages of all HERproject partners.

The HERproject Toolbuilder addresses a critical need for global health educators: Culturally relevant, accurate, and engaging images are crucial to conveying important messages to audiences who often have low levels of education. We think the Toolbuilder has the potential to revolutionize factory-based women's health education, and help make HERproject a global standard.

Anyone can experiment with the Toolbuilder on the HERproject website, but only contracted HERproject partners can export and use the tools that they create. Eventually, we hope to make the Toolbuilder publicly available to help companies around the world train their female workforce on important health issues.

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