Human Rights and the Future of Compliance with Dunstan Allison-Hope

November 28, 2023
  • Dunstan Allison-Hope portrait

    Dunstan Allison-Hope

    Senior Advisor, BSR

  • David Stearns portrait

    David Stearns

    Managing Director, Marketing and Communications, BSR


Dunstan Allison-Hope, former BSR Vice President, Human Rights chats with David Stearns on Human Rights and the Future of Compliance, exploring:

  • Why compliance is important and why it deserves its moment in the sun. 
  • The difference between complying with the spirit of the law and the letter of the law, and some of the issues posed by the double materiality requirements in the ESRS.
  • Collectively, whether these rules are up to the task considering the urgent need for action. 
  • Why the new convergence between human rights due diligence and materiality reporting is noteworthy.  
  • How companies should address human rights in their materiality reporting.

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